Welcome to The Motocross School website and thank you for choosing us to help you improve your riding technique; whether you’re a novice or a fully fledged pro, our team is here to help you get the most out of your riding.

If there’s one thing that us motorcycle riders have in common it’s that we almost more than anything else love to ride our dirt-bikes, and no matter what level we’re at, that sense of freedom, excitement and adrenaline is the same for all of us.

The Motocross School recognises this and in order to make your riding or racing even more enjoyable, we’re here to help you:

  • Take your performance to another level
  • Help you maximise your potential in a fun and relaxed training environment. No matter where your weakness lies, whether it be cornering, jumping or just going fast in a straight line, there’s nothing better than being able to say to yourself or to your friends that you’ve mastered those areas in your riding that you used to think were so problematic.


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The Motocross School is run by former 3-time British motocross champion and world number two Paul Malin, whose knowledge and experience is second to none and he wants nothing more than to be able to share it with you. Available for one-to-ones and group training. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Beginner to advanced

Nationwide (inc Scotland & Ireland)

Weekdays & weekends (if preferred)